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How to add companies & users to your project
How to add companies & users to your project

Step by step guide on adding companies and new users to your project.

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Visibuild is built to enhance collaboration between all project stakeholders, bringing work together on one platform.

Below is a summary of how various stakeholders benefit from the use of Visibuild on their project.


Visibuild provides continuity and data integrity throughout a project's lifecycle from inception to post completion.

Head Contractor

Visibuild streamlines the entire QA process and allows teams to deliver a high quality product.


Visibuild removes the heavily manual process of completing site inspections and reports, capturing all inspections directly in the platform.


Visibuild ensures that subcontractors are completing QA in real time, allowing all stakeholders enhanced visibility across the project.


Visibuild allows project teams to track the QA progress of offsite suppliers such as facade and precast concrete, ensuring quality products are delivered to site.

Refer to 'How to Login to Visibuild' for guidance on access to Visibuild and downloading the Mobile App.

The process of adding new companies and users to your project is outlined below.

Note: this can only be actioned by a 'project admin' user.

Accessing the Members Page

Go to Project Setup > Members to add and remove members from the project

Adding Members

Click on "Invite to project" or "+" to add new or existing Visibuild members to the project using their name or email.

Editing & Removing Members

You can upgrade a user to project admin, and remove a user from the project, by clicking on the 3 dots on the member's row. If removed, all the past activity from that user will remain visible in the project.

Adding Companies

Currently only members from companies who are already on the project can be added. Click on the contact us link to request a new company is added to the project if not available.

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