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How to ask for assistance, provide feedback or suggestions
How to ask for assistance, provide feedback or suggestions

In platform methods for requesting assistance, providing feedback, product suggestions, or improvements

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Here at Visibuild our product direction is largely influenced by our users, so your feedback is incredibly important to us. You can reach out to the Visibuild team at any time on either the web or mobile applications for assistance.

There are a number of ways to provide feedback directly in the Visibuild platform.

Request for Assistance

On the Web

The Web App includes a chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the screen wherever you are within Visibuild.

  1. Click the bubble to open a chat window.

  2. From this chat window, you can quickly access key help articles (such as this one) or ask for assistance.

  3. One of our Customer Success team members will respond to help you with your queries.

On Mobile

The Mobile App includes the same chat experience as on the Web. This can be accessed by clicking on Settings and then Live Chat under Support.

Providing Feedback or Suggestions

Product suggestions from our active users form a large part of our future product roadmap.

We actively meet with project teams to seek feedback on what we should be building next to meet our users needs.

However you don't need to wait to provide feedback, you can do this directly from the web app at any time.

Following the screenshots below, you can access the Feature Requests section of the platform by completing the following steps:

Click on the lightning icon next to notifications on the top right of your browser window

Keep Up-to-Date with Visibuild

Click on the "See all changes" link. From here you will be presented with our "change log" which includes the most recent updates in the platform.

The top navigation bar includes;

  • Roadmap - those feature requests currently in development

  • Feedback - complete list of all feature requests and product feedback

  • Change Log

Within the "Feedback" tab you can;

  • Review previously requested features

  • Up vote feature requests that resonate well with you and your team

  • Add additional feature requests

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