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How to find title of the overall parent inspection
How to find title of the overall parent inspection

Ability to see the context of an individual Visi and the parent inspection title

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Never lose sight of inspection context again! With Breadcrumbs, you'll now have full visibility of your inspection hierarchy at a glance! Easily track where your inspections start, follow the trail through each level, and gain a clear understanding of the entire context. No more guesswork or confusion - just seamless insights at your fingertips!

When will I use it?

  • When a subcontractor's inspection is nested within a head contractor's inspection, it allows the subcontractor to see the title of the parent inspections to find out

    e.g. the location context of the inspection or the element IDs captured to the inspection.

  • If an invited user has restricted access to a project and is responsible for reviewing tasks or inspections in Visibuild, it allows the user to understand the context of what is in review.

🍞 How It Works:

Mobile Breadcrumbs

  • By clicking on the header title of the visi, you can navigate to the parent inspection and through the breadcrumbs locations.

  • You might not access to the parent inspections, but you can still see the title of the parent inspection to gain context into what inspection you're operating on and still be able to click through the breadcrumb locations.

Web Breadcrumbs

  • Breadcrumbs is available on the Web App, found above the Visi title. If you hover over a Visi number code, the title of that Visi will be revealed.

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