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🖼️ A snapshot of project status & progress
🖼️ A snapshot of project status & progress

Easily track the status and progression of your project by location or by company

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One of the simplest way's to get a snapshot of the status of a project is by walking the floor's. What if you could get a snapshot of all activities happening on the project without leaving the office? Visibuild's real time platform allows you to quickly browse through your project and get a feel of what is happening on site, right now.

Track the status of works by location

Jump between any location in the project to quickly visualise the latest activity occurring. Visis & attachments are always sorted by 'Last Updated' to show the most recent activity on your project.

To see Visis for your entire project, simply navigate to the top of your tree by clicking on your project name and you'll see a summary of all the Visis across your project.

By default, Visibuild will always present all information from both parent and child locations. This allows you to monitor the status of an entire apartment floor, without having to look into each apartment location.

For example, when I click on 'Level 3', it will also show me everything in Level 3, structure, zone 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Narrow your focus with Filters

Within a location page, there are several filters to help you find exactly what you are looking for. You can apply multiple filters at the same time and it will remain selected even as you navigate through your location tree.

Track the progress of works

The Location Page Tabs is designed to provide a visual representation of your project's progress through the use of progress bars and completion percentages. These tabs alter the display of visis on a location page, allowing you to organise them by 'Company,' 'Location,' 'Stage,' or 'Discipline.'

Quickly assess how much work has been completed and how far along the task or project is towards completion. Hover your mouse over the progress bar to reveal the status of all Visis assigned to the company.

By Locations

Switch to the 'Locations' tab and use the location tree to drill down. It provides a snapshot of completion percentage of all Visis created in both the parent and child locations.

By Companies

Switch to the 'Companies' tab to find out the overall QA progress of each company. You can still use the location tree to drill down and it will show the overall completion percentage of companies who have Visis to complete within both parent and child location.

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