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How to archive Visis
How to archive Visis

Remove or delete Visis which are no longer needed.

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If you've made a mistake after creating a Visi or would like to remove old revisions of pre-created Visis, you can now archive it from the web app. Visibuild allows users who are project admins to archive an inspection template and ad-hoc Visis, however, Visis that are part of the original template cannot be archived.

Visis can only be archived by project admins who are the creator of the Visi or project admins from the creator's company

Single Archive

Once you've selected the Visi you would like to archive, you'll notice a sidebar will appear on the right. Look for the '...' button and Select 'Archive'.

Bulk Archiving

To archive multiple Visis at once, dive to the specific location within your location tree and select multiple Visis by ticking the box sitting next to the Visi number. A model will then appear at the bottom of the page where you can then click on the Archive button.

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