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Add more quality requirements within an active checklist

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Your Workflow, Your Way

We believe that customisation is key, and this update empowers you to tailor your Visibuild experience according to your unique project needs. Whether you're dealing with dynamic ITPs or adding specific Visi templates to existing inspections, Visibuild's got you covered.

A plan outlines the overall sequence of activities involved in delivery of a product or service. It defines the high-level approach or methodology for achieving quality assurance. It may be sectioned to cover a 3-phase inspection process: Pre-Start, Install & Post-Install and it could all occur at different frequencies.

  • Pre-Start Checks need to be covered daily

  • Install Checks need to be covered per element/area/room

  • Post-Install Checks might be covered after the level is completed.

Such a dynamic inspection process doesn't follow a linear sequence, but how do we show that we have covered all basis on a single form?

Ability to add more quality requirements within an active checklist

In Visibuild, we call an inspection with a list of tasks - a checklist. With the ability to customise your quality templates to capture your baseline requirements either:

  • in a form of a checklist/inspection or

  • just a task with requirements to fill out.

You can essentially add more as you go.

Overall Checklist vs Specific Checklist

In consideration of that, you can start to create an overall checklist that covers the standard activity checks completed on a daily basis. Then add element/area specific checklist to cover the quality checks for the day's works.

For example, I've created a 'Daily Piling Checklist' as a inspection template and a 'Pile Record' as a task template.


  • Step 1 - Develop location to include all child locations, in this example, I'll be using the total number of piles on the project.

  • Step 2 - Create 'Overall Checklist' to parent location.

  • Step 3 - Within the 'Overall Checklist', add 'Specific Checklist' and assign it to a child location. You can select multiple location to bulk create all at once.

Final Result

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