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How to close a Visi (Inspection, Task, Issue, NCR)
How to close a Visi (Inspection, Task, Issue, NCR)

You've been assigned an Inspection, Task, Issue or NCR, here's how to complete it

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You've been assigned a Visi in the Visibuild platform, and you need to close it out.

Visis are the building blocks of Visibuild and there are 4 types you can create: Inspections, Tasks, Issues or NCRs. Visis represent work that needs to be completed and each one serves a different purpose.

The Visi may have been issued within an Inspection or as an individual item to be completed.

As well as receiving a notification, you will also be able to find the Visi in the home page of either the Mobile App or the Web App.

Even though below only outlines the steps to close out a Task Visi, the same process applies for closing out all Visis, whether it is an Inspection, an Issue, or a NCR (Non-Conformance) in the platform.

How to complete a Task Visi via the Mobile App

After receiving a notification that a Task has been assigned to you, open the Mobile App and navigate to the project's home page.

You'll find the task sitting at the top of the home page as Visis are ordered by last updated. Note: the initials in the bottom right corner indicates who assigned the task to you.

Press anywhere on the Task card to open it up and explore the details.

In this case, the Task creator has requested that you provide confirmation. Simply add a comment to provide confirmation. A notification will be sent when a new comment is added.

Once the task is ready to be closed, Press 'Close Task', the Task creator will then receive a notification that the Task is closed.

If you have closed the Task in error, simply press the 'Reopen Task' button.

How to complete a Task via the Web App

Similar to the Mobile App, you will receive a notification in the Web App, refer to the bell in the top right corner.

Alternatively, the Task will be visible in 'Your list' on the Home screen.

Click on the Task to expand and reveal its details.

From here, you can simply add a Comment (as requested by the Task Creator) and click 'Close' once the task requirement has been satisfied. If you require further information, simply add this into the Comment field.

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