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Using Visibuild out in the field
How to complete a Safety Walk in Visibuild
How to complete a Safety Walk in Visibuild

Safety Walk's have never been easier with the Visibuild platform

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The day's of having to handwrite your Safety Walk on site, and then update in the office to issue out to trades, are over with the Visibuild platform.

Visibuild provides a simple and flexible platform for creating and logging issues/actions identified during your regular project Safety Walks.

To get started, simply open the Visibuild Mobile App on your phone, hit the big blue plus, and create a new inspection.

If your walk is going to cover the entire project, its best to allocate the inspection to the top of the project tree (generally the project name). Alternatively if you're only inspecting a single tower, or zone, allocate it to the highest location in the tree that captures the area to be inspected.

Once you start your walk, it's easy to add Task's, Issue's or NCR's as you go. Simply add a new item to the Inspection checklist for each item identified on site. These can be allocated to anyone within the project team for action, including your project partners.

Helpful Tips

  • Pre-create your inspection in the office: The Web App allows you to pre-create an inspection in the office. This is a great feature for creating Safety Walk's as it allows you to add Task's for review during the walk. Especially if you have an upcoming high-risk activity that needs attention during your Safety Walk.

  • Use the comments function: Visibuild allows you to add comments to the Safety Walk Inspection, or directly to any item within the inspection itself. This is a great way to add extra detail, or provide an update on the status of the resolution of an item. Comments will be recorded in the Activity feed of the Visi for safe keeping.

(An example safety walk inspection, with addition of one issue.)

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