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Using Visibuild out in the field
How to track your personal tasks using Visibuild
How to track your personal tasks using Visibuild

Using Visibuild to manage your day to day actions/to do list

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The days of having to send yourself an email from site, to remind yourself to look something up later, are a thing of the past with Visibuild.

Keeping on top of your to do list in the construction industry can be a complicated feat. Between online meetings, site meetings, site walks, factory inspections, etc, it can be tough to find a consistent approach to ensure that the actions you identify are recorded, and not lost or forgotten. Especially when you're in the field.

Utilising the flexibility of the Visibuild platform, you can simply assign tasks to yourself from either the Mobile or Web App. These tasks will then sit in your open tasks list, until actioned and closed out.

Better yet, should you discover that the action item you have identified needs to be delegated to another team member, this can be done in the platform, ensuring the history associated with the task is passed on, without having to have a lengthly discussion. Simply change the responsible person from either the Mobile or Web App and they will be notified that they have a task to complete in the Visibuild platform.

If you're dealing with a complicated task, that will take time to resolve, make use of the comment feature, this is a great way to keep records of phone conversations, RFI's issued etc, so that you don't have to try and remember the status of every item on your to do list.

Helpful Tips

  • Your item doesn't have a specific location: Assign it to the top of the tree (project name), you can change this later if required

  • Use the Inspection function: Say you're completing a site walk, and you expect to be assigning a number of items to team members, or just action items for yourself. You can create these within one Inspection, that way you will always have a reference of

  • Not sure who's responsible?: Assign Task's to yourself, it's easy to change who is responsible later

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