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How to edit a Visi (Inspection, Task, Issue, NCR)
How to edit a Visi (Inspection, Task, Issue, NCR)

You can edit the title, location, assignee, reviewer or due date for a Visi.

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If you’ve been assigned a Visi, it will display on your home screen on the 'You' tab. You can distinguish Visis that have been assigned to you by someone else because they will have the creators avatar on the card.

Mobile App

If you aren’t the right person to complete the work, you can easily re-assign it to the someone else. To re-assign in the Mobile App, click into the Visi and tap the 'Assignee' field and select the correct person. When you’re happy, tap the 'Done' button in the top right corner of the app. The new assignee will be notified.

Web App

To re-assign a Visi in the Web App, navigate to the Visi and click the pencil button to edit.

Then simply click the 'Assignee' field, select the correct person and click 'Update'. The new assignee will be notified.

Update Assignee for Multiple Visis

Check out this article to find how to update the Assignee for multiple Visis.

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