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πŸš₯ What is an Inspection Tracker?
πŸš₯ What is an Inspection Tracker?

Find out how to utilise the Inspection Tracker to quickly see QA progression from all created templates!

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The Inspection Tracker simplifies your inspection process by allowing you to monitor and manage Visis created from templates on a single screen. It provides a centralised view of all Visis associated with a template, giving you unparalleled visibility and control over your projects.

Step-by-Step Guide

The Inspection Tracker is located in the left navigation bar as you can see below.

Clicking on the drop down arrow will allow you to select from all the templates currently available on the project.

At a glance you can see the overall completion status of each Inspection and also the completion status of every single Visi created for the template!

  • The columns indicate each check that needs to be completed.

  • The rows represent the location this template has been created to.

Here you can drill further into the details of each Visi by clicking on each individual cell. The contextual side bar shows the complete details of any cell including the key details of the criteria and the relevant attachments.

Complete inspections within the tracker

An additional feature of the contextual side bar also allows you to complete inspection requirements from the side bar without leaving the page. This works for all required fields, including attachments!

Multiple Revisions Per page

The Inspection tracker allows you to see all Inspections created from a single template. At a glance you can see the revision number and number of Inspections created from that revision. Scroll down to see all the Inspections on one single page!

No more having to switch between revisions to track whats happening on your project.

Go Full Screen!

The Inspection Tracker also has the ability to go full screen! This can done by hitting the button on the top right hand corner. Real time tracking, in full screen - can you imagine this on the wall in your project office?

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