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⏱️ How to track and share the progress of your project on a monthly/weekly basis
⏱️ How to track and share the progress of your project on a monthly/weekly basis

Find out how to track the status of Visis completed a month ago, and Visis to be completed due a month from now.

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Whether it's staying on top of what needs to be completed, identifying work that has started on-site, or tracking completed tasks, we understand that having the right tools at your fingertips is crucial.

The Power of Time Filters

It provides a more intuitive way to track the progress of your Visis through preset time periods or date selection, making it easier to manage your projects and gain insight into your progress.

This feature is available on the Web App.

How to use

  1. Just above your list of Visis, look for the time filters by selecting 'More'.

  2. Pick one of the 4 time filters available to track Visis by the date created/started/closed/ its due date.

  3. You can either:

  • select from the list of time periods available in the drop-down list

  • or select your own time range

  • or select a specific date

Some examples of how you can apply Time Filters:

  • Visis Created a Month Ago: By filtering Visis created a month ago, you can gain a comprehensive view of tasks that need attention in the near future. This helps you plan ahead and allocate resources more effectively.

  • Visis Started on a Specific Date: Now, you can easily revisit Visis that commenced on a specific date. This feature is invaluable for tracking what work has been initiated on-site on any given day, ensuring you stay up-to-date with project progress.

  • Visis Closed a Month Ago: Tracking completed Visis is essential for assessing your team's productivity and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. With this filter, you can monitor what you and your team have accomplished over the past month.

  • Visis Due in a Week: Prioritising tasks is key to meeting project deadlines. With this filter, you can quickly identify and focus on Visis that are due within the next week, ensuring that nothing gets delayed.

Share Your Progress with others

If you're looking to export your progress with external parties, we wrote an article on how to share information with others.

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