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How to build a great Concrete Pre & Post Pour template
How to build a great Concrete Pre & Post Pour template
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Build with confidence

Welcome to your go-to guide for optimising your concrete pour templates with Visibuild. This guide is your blueprint to crafting top-tier template that align seamlessly with Visibuild's robust features, empowering you to streamline your processes and drive project success.

Yes! It's this black triangle.

Armed with examples and expert tips hidden behind each click of the black triangle, let's dive in, starting with the crucial foundation.

Building your pre pour checks

Ensuring all inspections are completed prior to the pour is paramount. By grouping your tasks into a pre & post pour stage, you're not distracted by incomplete tasks such as concrete test results that are actioned days after the pour.

Hold all parties accountable with a unified template

With multiple moving parts involved in concrete works, from trades to consultants, create a unified template by consolidating responsibilities into a single checklist. This allows you to track the live progress of pre pour inspections against each company.

It also provides ease for tracing back records relevant to e.g. a 'Suspended Slab Concrete Pour Checklist - Level 1'.

How to set up?

To keep your concrete pour quality requirements organised, group your checks by the company responsible for completing the inspection (The Assignee) and create an inspection for each company.

To be completed by your team

Ranging from photo requirements to multi-choice selections, create a list of task within a pre pour inspection which will be completed by your team. You can create multiple requirements in a task to request mandatory records of data to be taken for all pours.

Crucial checks❗️such as 'Hold Points' should be formed as its own task to pull focus on the completion status ✅ at a higher level, rather than tucking it deep within a task as a requirement.

Example of a task with a photo requirement

Example of a task with multiple requirements

Important Note 💬

  • You can't mark a requirement as N/A, but you can mark a task as N/A.

  • If a task with multiple requirements is marked as N/A, all requirements will be skipped.

If one of the requirements is not applicable to every inspections, consider separating the requirement to become an individual task or use the multi-choice option (e.g. Yes, No, N/A).

Example of a task with multi-choice

Example of a task without a requirement

Keep in Mind 💬

Within a Task, there will always be 3 default actions you can take so a task doesn't always need to have a checkbox to complete the task.

You can always -

  • Close a Task

  • Mark a Task as N/A

  • Mark a Task as Can't Close

To be covered by subcontractors

Ensure consistency across projects by establishing baseline checks within 'placeholder' inspections that should be covered by each respective trade.

How will it get used?

1️⃣ This placeholder can be used by site teams to assess whether the subcontractor's QA template meets your baseline requirements. Those not covered can be left to your team to cover.

2️⃣ If the subcontractor doesn't have a template for the respective work, the placeholder can be reassigned to the subcontractor to complete.

3️⃣ If the subcontractor has their own Visibuild templates, placeholders can be replaced once your project team has added a link to subcontractor's template.

To be completed by consultants

Example of task completed by Structural Engineer

Example of task completed by Building Surveyor

🚥 Raise attention to concrete test results

A concrete register provides a documented record of the concrete batches used at various stages of the project. This traceability is crucial for identifying any issues or defects that may arise during construction.

Proactively manage risk by mandating site teams to confirm concrete strength achieved and checking it against specified design strength.

Example of task to complete 28 day concrete test result.

If there are problems with a particular batch of concrete, the inspection tracker 🚥 allows project teams to swiftly identify when and where it was used, enabling them to take corrective actions efficiently.

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